July 4, 2011

red wine braised lamb shank, gremolata, risotto milanese

there are three components to this dish.  I will give separate ingredient lists and directions for each.

I. red wine braised lambshanks


lamb shanks
bottle of red - I use 2-buck-chuck from traders
yellow onion
can of plum tomatoes
tomato paste
beef stock
olive oil
kosher salt
cracked black pepper
rock sugar


1.  season lamb shanks liberally with kosher salt and cracked black pepper.  heat up olive oil in a heavy bottomed pot and sear the lamb off till brown on all sides.  remove shanks and set aside.
2.  add sliced carrots and chopped onions into the pot and cook for a bit, then add in some minced garlic and deglaze with a bottle of red wine. bring to a boil and return lamb shanks into red wine mixture. throw in a few sprigs of rosemary and a tablespoon or so of tomato paste.
3.  using only the tomatoes from the can (no juice/sauce), crush them with your hands before adding them to the pot along with beef stock till the shanks are just covered with liquid.
4.  cook over medium heat, covered, until lamb is fork tender and about to fall off the bone.  season with a small cube of white rock sugar, salt, and pepper to taste.  add a splash of red wine before serving to give it another layer of flavor.

II. gremolata


lemon zest
garlic, minced
parsley, chopped
rosemary, minced
cracked sea salt
cracked black pepper


1. combine lemon zest, garlic, parsley, and rosemary into a small bowl.  season with cracked sea salt and black pepper.  set aside to top the lamb shanks.

III. risotto milanese


alborio rice
white wine
yellow onion
chicken stock
saffron threads
olive oil
parmesan cheese
parsley chiffonade


1.  heat up chicken stock in a pot.  steep the saffron threads in the hot stock.
2.  heat up olive oil in a pan.  saute chopped onions till translucent and add in rice.  saute rice for a bit then add in a ladle full of stock and cook. keep adding ladle fulls of stock as the rice cooks.  very important to stir as you go.
3.  when risotto is cooked through, and still al dente, fold in grated parmesan and garnish with parsley. should be nice and creamy, but still being able to taste the texture of the alborio rice.

to plate:

1.  put some risotto on a plate.  place a lamb shank off to the side and spoon sauce around it.  garnish lamb with gremolata.  serve immediately.