May 28, 2011

seared filet, bone marrow, butter braised yukon gold potato and rutabaga

ok... so there are six components to this plate. i will give directions for each component and then give directions on how to put it all together.

1. seared filet of beef
2. roasted bone marrow
3. sauteed spinach
4. butter braised yukon gold potato/ rutabaga
5. black trumpet mushroom and golden chanterelle garnish
6. red wine jus

don't worry, it's pretty straightforward.


filet mignon (preferably grass-fed)
bone marrow segments
yukon gold potatoes
black trumpet mushroom
golden chanterelles
red wine
beef stock
chicken stock
extra virgin olive oil
kosher salt/ maldon sea salt
freshly cracked black pepper


1. prep red wine jus first.  pour red wine into saucepan over medium heat. smash garlic cloves. toss garlic and a sprig or two of rosemary into wine and let it simmer till it's reduced by half. when reduced, add in beef and chicken stock to taste, salt, and a couple good grinds of black pepper.  strain through a fine sieve and set aside.

2. brunoise the yukon gold potato- i like using this variety of potato because it holds very well and the yellow is a great contrast to the orange rutabaga- and brunoise the rutabaga.  heat up a pan, sear off bacon slices to render the fat and flavor from the bacon, add in rutabaga, and saute for a minute or so before adding in lots of butter.  keep in mind you need enough butter to cover the vegetables.  cook over medium heat for a bit before adding the potatoes in.  braise till rutabaga and potatoes are tender and cooked through.  add salt to taste. keep warm.

3. drizzle olive oil into heated pan and lightly saute spinach with minced garlic. salt and pepper to taste then set aside.

4. prep mushrooms and saute with olive oil over high heat with a bit of minced garlic and thyme.  (its better to saute the black trumpet mushrooms and chanterelles separately) set aside.

5. place bone marrow in an oven safe dish and roast for 17-20 minutes at 450 degrees.

6. season the filets liberally with salt and freshly cracked pepper then sear off the filets to your liking.  (medium rare or rare plus is what i like) let the beef rest for 5 or so minutes under foil.

plating directions:

before plating, heat up red wine jus, sprinkle chives into the potatoes and rutabaga and warm through. mound some of the spinach on a white plate.  top the spinach with the filet, and top the filet with some of the black trumpet mushroom and golden chanterelles.  carefully place bone marrow segment next to the filet.  using a spoon, plate the potato and rutabaga in a horizontal line in front of the filet and marrow.  to finish, spoon the red wine jus over the filet.  finish the bone marrow with some maldon flaky salt if desired.

then pig out.

*first photo taken without the red wine jus, this one with

May 18, 2011

tuna and hamachi carpaccio, avocado tartare, sliced jalapeno


sashimi grade tuna
sashimi grade hamachi
black and gold tobiko
persian cucumber

for sauce:

ponzu (homemade or store bought will work)
grapeseed oil (can sub sesame oil)


1. prepare mise en place:

      cut avocado in tiny brunoise cut - tartare style, squeeze of lemon, and lightly mix to prevent oxidation
      slice jalapeno rounds paper thin
      cut persian cucumber in half , then slice each half it into thin sheets
      slice tuna and hamachi into fairly thin cuts
      whisk ponzu, fresh lime juice, sugar, mirin, grapeseed oil and a dash of shichimi together

2. to plate:

     place a slice of the cucumber on a cold plate
     top cucumber with tuna or hamachi
     spoon a penny sized amount of avocado tartare in middle
     top avocado with jalapeno slice
     top jalapeno with tobiko

3. spoon sauce around each piece right before serving and serve immediately

*please note, photo taken without sauce.

May 15, 2011

uni shooters, uzura, black tobiko, ponzu


uzura (quail egg)
black tobiko


1.  gently place uni into shot glass
2.  separate white from quail egg and plop over uni
3.  drizzle ponzu over
4.  garnish with black tobiko and chives