June 23, 2011

rou zhou fan, swan tsai, gai lan


rou zhou- taiwan style minced pork (see recipe below in "tainan dan zhi mien" recipe)
swan tsai- pickled mustard green
red chili
soy sauce
gai lan- chinese broccoli
jasmine rice


1. cook jasmine rice. heat up salted water in a pot for blanching gai lan. trim, shave ends of gai lan.

2.  soak the pickled mustard green in ice water for 2 hours. (without soaking it will be super sour) after
soaking finely mince mustard green.  mince garlic and slice some red chilis.

3.  saute garlic and red chilis in some canola oil, add in minced mustard green, a dash of soy sauce, and
sugar to taste.  set aside.

4.  blanch gai lan, and put on a plate.  add about a bowlful of rice next to the gai lan and spoon
minced pork over rice. garnish with the sauteed mustard green on side.  serve immediately.

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