June 26, 2011

seared foie gras, red onion compote, white peaches, butter brioche

there are three different main components that you have to get ready first for this dish.  I will give directions for each component and then give plating directions.  this is just like how they have it at dankos. mm, mm, mm...

1. red onion compote
2. sauce for the foie gras
3. caramelized white peaches


foie gras- i prefer hudson valley grade A
brioche- i buy boulanger brioche
white peaches
red onions
one small white onion
mache- or any other mild green
dark veal stock
chicken stock
one bottle of moscato- i used fetzer 2010
sherry vinegar
balsamic vinegar
agave sweetener
olive oil
kosher salt
freshly cracked black pepper


1.  get the red onion compote going.  you will need tons of onions because it cooks down to nothing.  in a
big pot, melt some butter and saute off red onions.  add salt to taste.  add in chicken stock, a hefty splash of  balsamic vinegar, a few sprigs of thyme, and agave sweetener to taste and let it stew, stirring here n there for about 4-5 hours. please note- don't add too much sweetener in the beginning because as it cooks
the flavor gets more concentrated, so I tend to do taste checks and seasoning adjustments towards the end of the cooking process.

2.   sauce for the foie.  in a medium saucepan, cook about a carton of veal stock till it's reduced by half.  that way it will be super dark. if you have good veal stock handy, use that.  add in chopped small white onion, a couple splashes of sherry vinegar, bout half of the fetzer moscato, a couple splashes of brandy, and some agave sweetener to taste.  bring mixture to a full boil and then reduce to a simmer.  simmer away until its reduced by more than half. 

3.  white peaches.  in a heavy flat pan heat up some olive oil.  throw in sliced peaches and cook until carmelized.  deglaze with the fetzer moscato and cook till it's reduced to a glaze.  set aside.

4.  toast brioche.  while brioche is toasting prepare the foie.  i like to score mine, it's supposed to help the fat render out more.  get a heavy bottomed nonstick pan nice and hot. searing hot. near smoking. season the foie gras liberally with kosher salt and cracked black pepper. quickly place the foie into the pan and sear for about five- ten seconds, then remove pan from flame- the residual heat is enough to keep cooking the foie. (you don't want to burn the fat) after about 30 seconds or so, flip over to other side and put pan back on the flame.  you can check for doneness by touching it- it should feel like a soft koniaku or firm jello. let the foie drain on paper towels.  don't be an idiot and keep cooking it on the stove- cuz you will end up with a  pan full of expensive fat or a shriveled, overcooked, foie.  not good. 


1.  arrange the ingredients however you'd like to.  be creative! if you like mine, place brioche on a white plate. put a bed of the red onion compote in front of the brioche and place seared foie gras on top.  arrange mache leaves under the white peaches off the the side and spoon hot sauce over the foie gras.  serve immediately.

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