June 22, 2011

tainan dan zhi mien



taiwan style minced pork (ingredients/directions see below)
shirmp shells
pork soup bones
egg noodles
bean sprouts
chinese green chives
black vinegar
white pepper


1.  make taiwan style minced pork.

ingredients :
pork belly, diced into small pieces by hand- food processor won't give you the same results.
ground pork
fried shallots (preferably the kind bought from taiwan street stalls- when you visit there, bring some back!)
soy sauce
rock sugar

heat oil in a pot and saute fried shallots.  if you don't have fried shallots, saute fresh shallots till browned and super fragrant.  add pork belly and saute for a bit then add ground pork. add soy sauce till
meat is browned and then add three times the amount of water. season to taste with rock sugar and let it
stew for awhile on low heat.

2.  boil pork bones for stock.  boil shrimp shells for shrimp stock.  make the shrimp stock super concentrated.  season pork stock the salt and hon-dashi.

3.   mise en place preparation:  mince garlic, cilantro, and cut chinese green chive into 1-2 inch pieces. cook shrimp and peel off the shells.

4.  cook noodles.  while noodles are cooking, put a bit of the minced garlic in the bottom of a bowl.  splash some black vinegar over garlic and top it with some white pepper.  using tongs, put noodles in bowl on top of the garlic mixture. blanch bean sprouts and chinese green chives in noodle water. ladle pork stock over noodles, add a bit of the shrimp stock in the bowl then spoon taiwan minced pork on top. add the blanched bean sprouts and chives, top with the cooked shrimp, and garnish with cilantro.  serve immediately.


  1. YUM!!! can you post a recipe for the lunch you packed for jason? It looked so yummy. I think it was. Lu ro fan with sweet/sour shrimps and tomato stir fry eggs lunch bento. Looked so yummy!!!

  2. wow, that looks beautiful- i hope to try this! :) thank you for sharing!

  3. This looks so delicious! What a lovely dish =)

  4. thanks for the feedback! feel free to email me if you have any specific questions =)

  5. Yumm. I'm in Taiwan every 3 months and always get this